There's an App for That: 2wice Celebrates Merce Cunningham

Put on your dancing shoes and pick up your tablet device, because 2wice has released its first iPad app. The visual and performing arts journal tapped longtime collaborator Abbott Miller of Pentagram to design “Merce Cunningham Event,” a tribute to the late choreographer as the dance company he founded prepares for its final performances. Available as a free download from the iTunes Store, the app highlights 2wice’s collaborations with Cunningham, who died in 2009 at the age of 90. Users can scoll horizontally through a series of 10 “Events”—Cunningham’s term for his way of restaging aspects of his choreography—that come alive through live-action video, interviews, and historic dance photography. Readers of 2twice will recognize performances such as “How to Pass, Kick, Fall” and “Green World,” for which photographer Katherine Wolkoff captured members of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company exploring the gilded-age jungles of Vizcaya in Miami. Holding out for the iPad 3 before you take the tablet plunge? Leap gracefully over to 2twice’s new website. Launched Monday, it contains an archive of issues from the magazine’s entire run.