The Raid on Area 51 Was Called Off, But Chipotle Still Delivers via Snapchat

A filter on the messaging app brings AR burritos from a dancing extraterrestrial creature

Not your average everyday burrito delivery Chipotle/Snapchat

The raid on Area 51 is off, but Chipotle is still making good on its promise to deliver—virtually, anyway.

Chipotle said its July 15 tweet about delivering to Area 51 was its top social post of the summer, drawing more than 1 million organic engagements.

So, rather than delivering burritos to Nevada, Chipotle is having a dancing extraterrestrial creature deliver augmented reality burritos to Snapchat users via a filter on the messaging application.

Chipotle/Snapchat David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.