The New American Dream Boys: Adam D'Angelo & Charlie Cheever of Quora

Are Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever - the co-founders of Quora - the new face of the American Dream?

In 1950, the American Dream looked like a white picket fence and a collared shirt, but what does it look like in 2011? It could be in iPod, a Live Strong bracelet, or a YouTube video. But, if Gen Y had to pick a person – or group of people – to stand in for their vision of the American Dream, there is perhaps no better emblem than the social media mogul: young, smart, entrepreneurs who are millionaires before they turn thirty. While Mark Zuckerberg – creator of Facebook – might`ve been the most recognizable face in social media in the first decade of the new millennia, two new young men have burst onto the scene: Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo – the co-founders of question and answer site Quora. Smart and driven, these two young men have launched a successful start up. What is their story, and could they be the new face of the American Dream?