The Most Influential Influencers Aren't Who You'd Expect

They aren't Kardashians, according to a new study from OMD

CANNES, France — You might be surprised that the most influential influencer isn’t a Kardashian. In fact, none of the members of the family dynasty appeared in a new study that determined the top 20 influencers across 12 different verticals.

This year’s annual influencer report, from OMD, analyzed “I-Scores” in categories that ranged from beauty to gaming to kids and family. The results will be revealed on the ground at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

“Our intent is to bring a lens on this growing and complicated space. It’s no longer a one-off; it’s definitely something that’s becoming more integral to our 360-media planning,” said Chris Inners, senior director at OMD.

Media agency OMD first launched its so-called I-Score, in partnership with tech company Influential, in 2017 to determine which influencers actually carry some weight. Modeled after the Q Score, a way to rank popularity among celebrities and brands, the I-Score measures variables like a person’s demographic, bot followers and paid vs. organic brand mentions.

The overall composite score was determined after researching a person’s influencer mention volume within their vertical, the rate of engagement within a channel, the rate in which their followers grow, the quality of their account and values around that particular influencer.

The findings vary per category, but the study found, for instance, that users engaged with fitness content mostly on Instagram over other social media platforms. In this category, influencer Kayla Itsines was 34 times more effective than the vertical’s average.

“As we see Instagram create longer ways to create longer form video, we may see a real shift happen where more of that content that is long form may go to FB-esque platform,” said Ryan Detert, ceo and founder of Influential.

In the entertainment vertical, the study found that the top influencers have some commonalities: the top three psychographics for this vertical were cheerfulness, self-expression and curiosity.

Read the full study here.