The Morning Media Menu, Swan Song Edition

Today on the Menu (my last! Barring withdrawal symptoms that have me calling in under assumed names in the coming weeks) we’re joined by Dave Levinthal, reporter for The Dallas Morning News (in Dallas, where it is sunny and 75*).

Levinthal talks with us about the changing newspaper industry, how it has impacted him and the mood of the newsroom, as well as his City Hall blog at

“As soon as we had a presence on the Web, as soon as we found a home for all these news nuggets and a place for breaking news…people began to get really engaged with it…We knew there’s something to this here, this can work, and we just have to do the reporting.”

We also discuss yesterday’s Pulitzer Prize winners and (Debbie Downers that we are) why winning one can’t save you from the current media crisis, also the (in our opinion completely ridiculous) Senate newspaper hearing coming later this week. You can listen to all the past podcasts at and call in at 646-929-0321. One note: we’re live all this week an hour later than usual, at 10amET.