The Facebook Nestle Mess: When Social Media Goes Anti-Social

Thanks to Facebook and other social media channels, the Nestle Company has an enormous public relations mess on their hands. The question is, can they further use social media to fix the problem? Other downtrodden companies such as Toyota and various airlines are embracing social media channels in hopes of repairing their current poor image. Unfortunately, Nestle’s social media embrace is being more than spurned by consumers; it’s also drawing large quantities of vitriolic comments, viral video parodies, animated parodies of the company’s reaction to the reaction, and so on.

The gist of the situation is that environmental protection group Greenpeace, who are known for their unorthodox and sometimes heavy-handed ways of bringing attention, created a parody video (but it’s somewhat gory, not funny) on YouTube of Nestle’s KitKat candy bar product. The video suggests that the production of a key ingredient, palm oil, helps further the destruction of rainforests, which in turn threatens endangered species such as the Orangutan. Greenpeace says that the Paradise Forests in Sumatra in particular are suffering a record-breaking deforestation rate.