TeamViewer HD: Noodle on Your Windows PC from your iPad for Free

Here’s an interesting deal: Access your PC remotely and securely from your iPad for free using:

TeamViewer HD

Is there a catch? Sure, the free version is restricted to personal use. The “Pro” edition that can be used for business use costs a relatively eye popping $139.99. I say relatively because this includes unlimited licenses for the remote computer (Windows PC or Mac) end. These licenses also appear to be a lifetime license without recurring monthly or other periodic fees. So, if you are support person, this one time charge might be considered relatively inexpensive compared to the benefits the app provides.

Remote access from your iPad, with TeamViewer

I installed the PC-side app on my netbook running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. After a reasonably brief registration process I was able to login and take control of my netbook from my iPad. I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far. There’s a bit more testing left to do with this free version, but it looks like it will get a thumbs up based on what I’ve seen so far.