Summer 2018 Drink Trends on Social Media

Opinion: It’s more than just rosé

Spicy Blackberry Margarita VinePair

If you’ve been paying any attention to social media for the past five years, or have simply dined out, you know that the rosé craze is real. From influencers who have devoted their entire digital careers to the wine, to $207 million in annual sales, you could be forgiven for assuming that rosé is the only summer drinks trend. But that’s hardly the case.

VinePair has access to a lot of reader data, which allows us to predict what’s next. Here are the biggest summer drinks trends of 2018, based on our own readers’ consumption.

Pinot Freezio and Friesling

Frosé had its moment last year, but this summer, it’s white wine’s turn. Pinot Freezio and Friesling are the fun, causal drinks of the moment, and they’re going to start taking over your social feeds. Last week alone, we saw a major spike in consumption of content around the drink, with our recipe for Pinot Freezio going viral on Facebook and Apple News.

Summer of Spritz

Consumers continue to look for fun, easy-drinking cocktails that can go from day to night all summer long. For these reasons and more, the Spritz is everywhere. Whether you’re using Aperol, Amaro, Cappelletti or another bitter liqueur, a sparkling wine aperitif is perfect for a sunny afternoon or warm evening. It photographs beautifully and is low enough in alcohol that you can have a few without feeling too buzzed. All you have to do is scroll through Instagram to realize it’s everywhere. Our white wine spritz Pin from this spring already has more than 1,700 engagements on Pinterest, and our Fire Cappelletti cocktail has over 1,500 engagements.

Fruited sours

In the world of beer, we’re turning away from ultra-bitter hops and toward sour flavors. Fruited sours are perfect for the summer, providing a refreshing relief from hotter temperatures. The fruits in the brew can also turns these beers lovely shades of red, gold or even purple, all of which look great on Instagram.

Rosé-Inspired (and infused) spirits

In an effort to compete with rosé wine, many spirits brands have released pink-hued liquors this season, from Hangar One vodka to Codigo tequila. These releases generate viral coverage from publications looking for rosé alternatives. Our post about the release of Hangar 1 was shared 778 times on Facebook alone. The result is that this summer, pink drinks will be more than just rosé.

Spicy Margaritas

To beat the heat, spicy margaritas are all the rage. In fact, our most popular cocktail recipe of all time is a Spicy Blackberry Margarita, with 4,810 shares. Another great one is the Spicy Avocado Margarita, with 1142 shares.

Artisanal flavored vodkas

Flavored vodka didn’t go away—it just grew up. This summer, instead of drinking vodkas with the cloying sweetness of fake-fruit concentrates, vodka brands such as Ketel One, Deep Eddy and Belvedere are infusing spirits with botanicals such as rose, cucumber and grapefruit. Mixed with soda water and a squeeze of citrus, these are some of the most refreshing drinks you’ll have all season.

Adam Teeter is co-founder and CEO of VinePair, the most-read publication about wine, beer and spirits in the U.S.