Spin the Agencies of Record

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  • MWW will be AOR in the UK for Opera Mediaworks, or “the world’s largest mobile advertising platform”. The firm will work to spread awareness of the product among UK brands and agencies following a series of acquisitions…and more developments in the endless debate over mobile ad placements and the value of social media.

  • Georgia’s healthcare-focused Dodge Communications will handle PR duties for Clinithink LLC, a UK-based provider of “clinical natural language processing” or software that helps computers make order of the nonsense we humans spew.
  • Calhoun Vision, developer of a product that allows ocular surgeons to adjust the power of a lens after implantation, went with Nobles Global Communications of Marina Del Rey, California as its PR AOR.
  • Comigo, a TV tech company that has absolutely nothing to do with Aereo, has retained Utah’s 202 Communications as its agency of record. 202 will work to raise awareness of the client’s “unique cloud-based pay-TV platform” and opportunities for pay TV providers as partners. In related news, some people are still willing to pay for content…even when that content equals music videos on YouTube.
  • Brian Hart, formerly of New York/New Jersey firm Jennifer Connelly Public Relations, has launched his own firm called Flackable. The new company, based in Reading, Pennsylvania, will specifically cater to financial services companies; they’ve already won our unofficial “best new agency name of the week” award.
@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.