Some Developers Get Early Access to Facebook’s Data Use Checkup Process

Unlike App Review, it is self-service and doesn’t require manual review by the social network

A “small set of apps” will be enrolled into Data Use Checkup starting Wednesday Sitthiphong/iStock

Facebook is granting some developers early access to its Data Use Checkup, an annual process that enables them to ensure that their access to application-programming interfaces and their use of data comply with the social network’s platform policy.

Director of platform partnerships Konstantinos Papamiltiadis detailed the differences between Data Use Checkup and Facebook’s existing App Review process in a blog post.

He said App Review includes a manual review process by a representative from the social network, while Data Use Checkup is a self-service tool that can be completed entirely by developers.

A “small set of apps” will be enrolled into Data Use Checkup starting Wednesday, with developers that are included receiving alerts in their App Dashboards.

Papamiltiadis also suggested that developers take the following steps to prepare for a broader rollout of Data Use Checkup:

  • Update the contact information in Notification Settings in order to ensure the receipt of timely alerts and notifications.
  • Assign an app administrator for each app via the Roles section in App Dashboard. He pointed out that app admins can complete Data Use Checkup, so they should be in a position of authority within the organization.
  • Audit apps and remove any that are no longer needed. This can be done via App Dashboard, Settings, Advanced.
  • Review apps’ approved permissions and features and remove those no longer used by those apps. This can be done via App Dashboard, App Review, My Permissions and Features.

Papamiltiadis wrote, “We also recognize that many in our partner community are navigating the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re committed to introducing Data Use Checkup to our community in a way that doesn’t create too much additional burden, and are eager for product feedback that will allow us to continue to improve the developer experience.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.