Social Player: The Facebook Music Player For The iPhone

Have you ever been walking down the street and suddenly a song comes on that resonates with you? Suddenly you’re dancing in the middle of the street or on the subway and all you want to do is tell your friends about the song that you’re listening to right then. Thanks to Social Player, a new iPhone application, you’ll be able to keep your friends up to date with all the music you’re listening to. While you could theoretically publish every song you’re listening to, it makes much more sense to only share your favorites.

Social Player does one simple thing: let’s you share with your friends on Facebook any song you’re listening to. Currently featured on the homepage of the iTunes app store, Social Player does nothing more than keep your friends up to date about your latest listening habits. While I would have expected Apple to integrate similar functionality directly into their iPod application, Social Player is a layer directly on top of the existing iPod application.