Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Nearby Friends | Twitter Mobile App Promotion Suite

Facebook adds Nearby Friends feature. Twitter rolls out mobile app promotion suite. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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NewFacebookLogoFacebook is Now Tracking Your Friends in the Real World — for Your Benefit, of Course (VentureBeat)
Facebook’s new Nearby Friends feature helps you track … well, your friends. Facebook announced the feature Thursday in a post written by Nearby Friends lead designer Andrea Vaccari. Bloomberg Businessweek Consumers can customize the tool, called Nearby Friends, to see a certain group of people for a set period of time, or turn it off completely, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company said in a blog post. Friends will need to have the feature turned on in order to be seen. Slate The feature is similar to products like Foursquare, Banjo and Apple’s “Find Friends,” which all came out in the last five years and seem to have sort of peaked in popularity. Be that as it may, Facebook is forging ahead. CNN This is not the first time an app has used location information to physically connect friends. Similar apps such as Highlight, which got a flurry of attention in 2012, mapped out the locations of nearby strangers. The Verge While I haven’t had a chance to test Nearby Friends myself, Facebook says that the feature has a minimal impact on your phone’s battery — an issue that has impeded the success of many location-tracking apps in the past. “We try to be as smart as possible,” said Andrea Vaccari, Glancee founder.

Twitter Launches Mobile App Promotion Suite (AllTwitter)
Twitter acquired MoPub way back in September of last year but, until now, hasn’t done much with the purchase. Well, be still your beating heart, as Twitter has just unveiled a new mobile app promotion suite which uses MoPub technology, which will allow marketers to promote their apps both on and off Twitter.

Tips for Building an Audience on YouTube (SocialTimes)
Need to boost your YouTube audience numbers? In the latest Mediabistro feature, experts and content creators share their tips on how to foster a successful YouTube channel by leveraging the tools you have, including social media, analytics and your own authentic content.

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Can a Little-Known Blogger Turn His Site Into a Business By Selling Memberships? Ben Thompson is Sure Going to Try (GigaOM)
Can a not very well-known blogger with no team behind them turn their writing into a successful freemium business? Technology analyst Ben Thompson is determined to try: he launched a new membership-based model on his blog Stratechery this week, and I talked with him about what he is trying to do and why.

Facebook Reminds Marketers About Mother’s Day (AllFacebook)
With Mother’s Day coming up May 11, Facebook urged marketers to keep moms in mind, revealing some mom-related statistics in a post on its Facebook for Business page. According to the social network, there are 27 million U.S. moms on Facebook.

General Mills Amends New Legal Policies (The New York Times)
General Mills, the multibillion-dollar food company behind brands like Cheerios and Pillsbury, said on Thursday that an update to its new legal policies, which stated that consumers “joining our online communities” could not sue the company, did not apply to people who visit its Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. The company was responding to an article in The New York Times on Thursday about the new policy, which broadly asserts that consumers interacting with the company in a variety of ways and venues no longer can sue General Mills, but must instead submit any complaint to “informal negotiation” or arbitration.

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USA Today Sports Weekly Launches Socially-Integrated App (LostRemote)
USA Today Sports Weekly is partnering with MAZ publishing platform for a new app across all mobile and tablet platforms, the companies announced Thursday. The first digital edition of USA Today Sports Weekly is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Kindle, and is produced by MAZ’s publishing platform.

Police Officers Raided Someone’s Home Over A Fake Twitter Account (Business Insider)
Setting up a satirical or parody Twitter account could land you in jail, according to Peoria, Ill., police. Police officers raided a home on Tuesday hoping to nab the person behind the now-suspended Twitter account of @PeoriaMayor — seizing computers, phones and bringing in several people for questioning, AP reported.

Engagement Metrics Replace Pageviews, Uniques (SocialTimes)
Visitors who do engage with content for at least three minutes return twice as often as those who read for just one minute. A figure by Chartbeat shows the relationship between the maximum amount of time visitors spent reading articles one day and if they returned to the site the following week.

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