Snickers Dares America To Engage With Its Ads

If it gets 2.5 million engagements, the brand will release the full ad before the game.


Snickers is double-dog-daring people to tweet about and share its Super Bowl ad teaser.

Is it just me or are things getting super-hyped super early this year? There’s various Super Bowl “Ad Zones” on Hulu and iSpotTV. There’s the first ads for Buzzfeed and The Verge.

And now, instead of waiting until the game to get fans tweeting about your brand, Snickers has pre-empted everyone, looking for engagement metrics way in advance of the big game. Mediapost report that:

The teaser, posted on the brand’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages, has pulled nearly 250,000 views on YouTube since going live yesterday.

Snickers said that viewing, liking, commenting on, sharing or re-tweeting the teaser video, using #eatasnickers, will count toward the 2.5 million engagements goal set for releasing the full ad prior to the game.

Scratch that. As of this writing, there’s already 273,000 views on YouTube and 25 comments. The teaser features Danny Trejo in a “Brady Bunch” parody and to be honest, it’s a good installment to the “You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hungry” campaign.

Top image courtesy of Snickers’ Facebook page.