Smule Develops Glee App To Teach The World To Sing

If you’ve seen Smule’s must-have, fun ‘social music’ apps for iPhone OS devices, Glee is a new app that you might want. This slick, incredibly fun ‘social singing’ app was created by Smule for Fox TV’s popular show Glee.

Whether you watch Glee or not — a musical show involving young geeks, aka “gleeks,” and their personal problems — you can enjoy Smule’s app. While writing this, I listened to several renditions of a couple of my fave songs, including Lean On Me and Imagine. In fact, I had the chills listening to a rendition John Lennon’s Imagine by a couple of Glee users located in California. The chills had nothing to do with the song, nor the pitch-corrected voices, but rather what a socially-profound app this really is. That realization was followed by bouts of laughing my head off trying to cover a rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, not coming anywhere close to Fred Mercury’s falsetto range.