Slidermetrix Lets You Rate Videos as You Watch

No thumbs up or down needed

Forget five-star ratings: Dialsmith is introducing a rating system called Slidermetrix that allows viewers to judge online video in real time.

“If people like it or not like it is a pretty thin metric,” David Paull, CEO of Dialsmith, told Adweek. “By being able to drill down into every moment, we begin to learn what they liked and specifically in which moments that occurs.”

Slidermetrix is an add-on to video content that lets users actively grade the material. It harkens back to how Soundcloud allowed listeners to write comments on the parts of the song that they grooved with or unabashedly abhored.

But, instead of having to think of a clever statement, Slidermetrix technology borderline annoyingly reminds you to continuously keep rating the content by sliding a button on a scale of zero to 100. Marketers can also ask pre-video questions in order to separate people into specific demographics. 

Paull said he envisioned the system being used by newsgathering organizations to get instantaneous audience opinions on the State of the Union or by curious brands that want to find out if their latest ad campaigns are resonating with viewers. 

"We know the benefit of capturing this kind of second-by-second content," he pointed out. 

Gannett’s KGW TV in Portland, Ore., which used Slidermetrix during the beta period, found that the pages that featured the video slider scales had double the time spent on them than other pages. (To be fair, it put the tool on highly entertaining Super Bowl ads.)

Beta tester HSN (formerly known as Home Shopping Network) discovered that it was able to leverage the ratings to get insights on which hosts and segments viewers responded to. It also led to double-digit increases in engagement time.

"Our HSN Insider Community has a wide range of engagement tools, but I was missing a way to measure some of our key research questions in a way true to the community's collaborative and transparent DNA,” Elizabeth Merrick, HSN’s senior manager of customer insights, said in a statement. "Our business is highly driven by TV, so I had a bevy of TV-related questions. I couldn't just ask my Insiders to passively watch a video and then give feedback; I wanted an option that would engage them in a unique way and allow them to feel like they were all watching together as a community."

Slidermetrix will be available as a monthly or annual subscription service for companies interested in probing the public psyche.

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