Will Viewers Finally Be Able To Skip YouTube Ads?

Are you tired of waiting through advertisements that you don’t care about when you watch videos from YouTube partners on YouTube? It looks like your troubles may be coming to a close, as YouTube gears up to launch a new type of ad called TrueView, which will give users a choice of three different ads or the option to watch no ads at all.

Advertising Age reported on the new TrueView ad units today. They write that, “For short-form content, a user may get a TrueView in-stream ad, which she can skip if she wishes. For longer-form videos, YouTube is planning to give users the choice of watching a video with ad breaks or ad-free after watching one of three videos ads first. Users choosing the long-form video with ad breaks may or may not get a “skippable” ad.” The new ad format, which sounds similar to Hulu’s ad selector service, is expected to be rolled out of the next few weeks.