Vine: What A Six-Second Video Can Do For Business

Most of us are already aware of the new six-second video app, Vine, but not much has been said on how businesses can use this new tool to communicate with target audiences. Aside from many B2B and B2C companies flip-flopping on whether or not there is value in using it, there are some who have identified great potential in the app’s uses. 

Vine is great for telling short stories with a distinct beginning, middle and end. Whether you’re a regular Joe traipsing around social media outlets or you’re operating accounts for a company or business, apps such as Vine can provide you with the tools to be entertaining and creative with the content you’re sharing.

Dos and Don’ts When Using Vine

As always, with any new tool that crosses both personal and professional uses, there are important dos and donts to follow.

Don’t get overhyped about it. While it is a fun, new tool to use it is important not to rush into the app.

Don’t use the app without a clear purpose. A person or company must know why they are presenting videos to the world. If Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, Vine is a micro-storytelling app, and you will need a micro-plan (by using something like this video planning template).

Do keep content fresh. If it looks and feels like something that could have been an Instagram photo, maybe it should have been – for example, a six-second video of your breakfast would be better off as a photo. Take advantage of the unique functionality and storytelling capabilities that a social video app offers.

Do get creative! Find your Vine niche, and do something unique and memorable to keep others watching and sharing your videos. It’s no secret that creative content is more compelling.

Do pay attention to the industry. It’s important to understand what is trending in social media, mobile apps and in video. There’s a wealth of really good ideas already brewing out there on Vine. Pay attention, take some notes and use that information to stay one step ahead.

Do find new ways to tell stories. Advertise, share, explain – there is a wide variety of things you can do with this app, so to take the time to explore and create your videos. Like Twitter’s 140 characters, six seconds isn’t a lot. Figure out how you can tell your best possible story in that short amount of time.

So, Who Uses Vine?

The Average Joes. Vine gives any social media user a new way to share. It’s a way to show instead of tell, which can go a long way. Visuals have become a necessity in business and day-to-day communications.

The Professionals. Along with consumers, companies are utilizing Vine to show how they work, share company culture, advertise products or services and give tutorials about its area of expertise. For example, companies in the food industry can use Vine videos to show restaurant dishes and daily deals, as well as a step-by-step inspiration for making your own meals at home. It’s a marketing tool, public relations tool, social media tool and sales tool all in one, but only if it’s utilized correctly.

Using Vine to Share

Most people might be thinking: “Six seconds? What can you do with that?” The answer: A lot! Six seconds is so short that people are more likely to click on a Vine link than a YouTube link simply because they know it isn’t going to be long or have an advertisement. The app is a clean and slick creation, meant to make the process especially easy. Even better? Creating the six-second Vine video only takes six seconds. One current drawback to the app is that prerecorded video can’t be used, so it is important to prepare for your video beforehand. Make sure to use those six seconds wisely.

For any business, decide whether entering the Vine universe is a good fit. Use a standard brainstorming model: “People who watch our Vine videos will this because of this.” Your strategy should be based on how you want your audience to react, what do you want your audience to do and why? With Vine, companies can do more than share a picture. For example, they can show how products work and look, giving your consumer audience a better feel for your product than a single picture can do.

People have stories to tell. Both Average Joe’s and business pros can benefit from Vine as long as they identify their purpose and reach their end goal.

Rocky Walls connects people. He’s a video communications strategist, speaker and advisor, and CEO of video communications company, 12 Stars Media. Find him on Twitter at @RockyWalls or @12StarsMedia and on LinkedIn at

(Video image from Shutterstock)