Shoutlet brings Facebook ad creation to marketing platform, partners with Kenshoo

Social marketing platform Shoutlet today announced new capabilities including Facebook ad creation and social listening, as well as a partnership with Kenshoo Social to provide advanced ad functionality.

These additions, along with updates to its contest-building tools and analytics, make Shoutlet a more full-featured solution for businesses looking for all-in-one social marketing software. Paid and owned media on Facebook increasingly have to work together, and this year we’ve seen a number of companies addressing this through new software and strategic partnerships.

With Shoutlet, basic Sponsored Story and page post ads are available natively. Shoutlet CEO Jason Weaver says the company is still considering what percentage fee it will take from these transactions. For more complex campaigns requiring multivariate testing, advanced targeting or additional tracking, Shoutlet customers can use Kenshoo’s platform, for which they’ll pay an additional licensing fee. Shoutlet hasn’t picked up the Facebook ads badge yet, but the company is looking to become certified in that area, adding to its existing pages and insights badges.

Shoutlet has added basic social listening features to its platform, including keyword tracking and insights, news streams and mentions, sentiment analysis and influencer metrics. The company has improved its analytics product by allowing users to integrate their web analytics from Google, Omniture, Webtrends and others. This will enable better conversion tracking and reporting for the performance of social content.

Shoutlet clients can begin using Shoutlet 6.0 in beta today and will gain full access after the holidays, Weaver says.