SEGA’s Sonic Dash Surpasses 100 Million Downloads [Infographic]

SEGA has revealed some impressive gameplay stats from its popular endless runner.

SEGA’s Sonic Dash has passed a major download milestone on mobile devices, as the endless runner starring the famous blue hedgehog has been downloaded more than 100 million times since its release in March 2013.

In Sonic Dash, players race along a randomized pathway while moving between lanes, jumping over and sliding under obstacles and more. Players collect gold rings as they run, which can be spent on power-ups, while red rings serve as the game’s premium currency, and can be spent, for one, on new characters.

Since the release of Sonic Dash, over 850 billion gold rings have been collected across 4.5 billion runs. Gamers have played Sonic Dash for a cumulative total of 123 million hours, with over 14 million gamers, on average, playing the game every month since launch.

To celebrate its 100 million downloads, a special in-game event is being prepared for Sonic Dash, with more details being revealed in the coming days. For now, we know the event will see some of Sonic’s “very special friends” (who have, according to SEGA, also found great success on mobile) joining the game.

Sonic Dash was developed by Hardlight, SEGA’s mobile games studio, by a team of 15 people over a period of eight months. Hardlight has since grown to 50 staff, and is working on new titles based on other existing SEGA properties, as well as completely new games.

Sonic Dash is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone. Check out some additional gameplay stats in the infographic below.

Sonic Dash 100 Million Downloads