Ryan Reynolds Insists His New Ad for The Croods Sequel Is Not at All an Ad for Aviation Gin

'Not a Gin Ad' says it's actually promoting the alcohol's G-rated partner: juice

Reynolds is back with another ad, this time for Aviation Gin. Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds is back with another comedy ad for Aviation Gin in a spot that sees the star shamelessly plug his alcohol brand while pretending it’s not an ad for gin at all, but rather an ad for innocent kid-friendly juice.

The spot, titled “Not a Gin Ad,” also sees the actor-turned-megamarketer discuss his new family film The Croods: A New Age, while subtly referencing Aviation Gin and pushing it into frame.

Talking to the camera, he says: “This is absolutely not an ad for—or partnership with—my top-of-the-line, best-selling gin. No way. That’s because we all know The Croods: A New Age is a family film and that gin is for mommies and daddies only.”

He then goes on to promote a generic bottle of “juice”—gin’s family-friendly, alcohol-free counterpart.

Reynolds bought an ownership stake in the gin brand in 2018, before selling it to Diageo in 2020 in a deal that saw him kept on as co-owner.

He has played a hands-on role in ads for the brand, which have proven hugely popular among consumers. Aviation Gin won Adweek’s March Adness brand bracket in 2019 and 2020, which sees people vote for their favorite ads of the year on social media.

In 2019, Aviation Gin jumped perfectly on the Peloton backlash bandwagon (remember that ad, which in retrospect was just ahead of its time?) by signing the wife from the ad to create its own unauthorized sequel.

The spot saw the actress at a bar enjoying an Aviation Gin martini (or many) among friends, while staring into the middle distance, apparently regretting having starred in such a widely panned spot. Offering support, the women cheers to new beginnings, while the actress downs her first drink a little too quickly.

In February, Reynolds’ marketing agency, Maximum Effort, celebrated the 21st birthday of a 84-year-old woman who was born on a leap year by making sure her first “legal” drink was, of course, an Aviation Gin.

Maximum Effort has created a string of popular ads, including a timely and hilarious spot for dating platform Match that was released early December. The spot saw Satan and 2020 fall in love in a whirlwind romance that inadvertently caused (writer gestures wildly at the whole year) all of this.

This Croods/Aviation mashup isn’t Reynolds’ first meta foray into multi-brand promotion. In 2019, he created a spot that simultaneously pitched his new Netflix movie 6 Underground, Samsung QLED televisions and Aviation Gin.

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