RHONY's Dorinda Medley: Housewives 'Weren't as Scary as I Expected'

The roster of media mavens, moguls and boldface names spotted today at Michael's.

DianeClehaneLunch_FeaturedAs someone who has watched most of Bravo’s various ‘Housewives’ sagas at one time or another, I was looking forward to today’s Lunch with The Real Housewives of New York City’s Dorinda Medley for a whole host of reasons. One, I always love a good dishy lunch (and as we all know those girls can dish). Two, last year, in her first season with the show, she distinguished herself  as the sanest  — and funniest — one of the New York tribe so I knew she’d have plenty to say. And finally, the moment I saw her on the show I thought she looked very familiar to me — I just couldn’t figure out why. Within two minutes of her arrival, I unraveled the mystery.