Revisiting Using a QR Code & SlideShare to Share Presentations on Smartphones

I provided a tip here in August that drew a fair bit of attention and commentary. The tip provided a solution to a problem I had to solve myself: How do I share a slide presentation with an audience when a projector is not available? My solution was to upload the slides to SlideShare’s free web sharing service and use a Google QR code to let the audience quickly find and see the presentation. So, how did all this work out?

We distributed 10.5×8 inch sheets of paper with the QR code and short URL printed on it. This allowed people to type in the URL to lead them to SlideShare if QR code scanning was not an option. BlackBerry and Windows Phone users could not view the presentation. However, most people using Android or iPhone phones managed to get the QR code scanned and see the presentation. There was a bit of a rendering problem on some slides. But, this was because I did not tweak each slide for optimal viewing on SlideShare. SlideShare does a good but not perfect job of converting Microsoft PowerPoint slides to its web viewing format. If you plan to do this regularly and have enough time, it is worthwhile to view the slides on SlideShare and then modify the slides that do not look quite right on the web. And, particularly on a small mobile device.