Report: Retailers Missing Cross-Channel Personalization Opportunity

Despite the wealth of data available through social media, marketers still aren't using the information to create more personalized email campaigns.

Social media presents perhaps the best opportunity for marketers to reach their target audience. Social users are always connected, highly engaged, and social networks provide a wealth of data relating to user activity. However, according to the 2016 Yesmail Channel Report, retailers are missing out on many opportunities for cross channel promotion and reactive marketing campaigns.

One of the most basic points of contact — email marketing — still seems to present significant challenges for marketers. The report noted that 17 percent fail to even collect visitor emails on their own website, 45 percent do not collect addresses on social media, and 70 percent do not collect emails in their own mobile app. Without this point of contact, crafting personalized messages, or investing in better campaigns is practically wasted, so collect across all channels before taking other actions.

Unfortunately, the efforts at developing personalization campaigns are often lackluster. While companies have access to a wide variety of social data points, such as demographic or location data, many don’t modify their content enough. Only 42 percent customize their email campaigns with the recipient’s name, and only 36 and 34 percent modify the  copy or images contained respectively.

Despite studies indicating that personalization can improve conversion rates, and easy access to these data points to make personalization possible, marketers don’t capitalize on the data they collect on social channels. Only 50 percent modify marketing materials based on easily collected demographic data, and only 36 percent use social media data such as brand page likes.

Not utilizing social media data is like turning down the opportunity to improve and develop more targeted campaigns. What’s more is that users are offering up this data freely by interacting with your brand by choice. Integrating this data into campaigns could naturally improve conversion as users relate more to the material sent to them.

Readers: Are you using social data to improve email campaigns and targeting?