REPORT: Photos Are Most Liked Content On Facebook

Want more likes? Upload more photos.

Want more likes? Upload more photos. They’re the most liked type of content on Facebook.

So finds Roost, which analyzed more than 10,000 posts on Facebook and Twitter from small business in more than 50 industries for its quarterly report on the state of local business and social marketing.

Here are some of the Facebook trends Roost discovered:

  • Consumers click like more than they comment, making likes the best engagement tactic
  • The best way to generate likes is through the use of photos, which account for an average of 50 percent more impressions than any other post type, as well as 22 percent more interactions. Quotes and status updates are also key.
  • Questions lead to twice as many comments as any other type of post, with compelling updates on the status of the business also performing well.
  • Links are 87 percent more likely to be shared via Facebook than any other type of post.

Roost places a great deal of emphasis on analyzing the use of social media to guide small businesses toward best practices.

It launched a proprietary algorithm last month that determines engagement scores based on the number of times a post (or tweet, in the case of Twitter) is interacted with, including likes, shares, comments, and impressions for Facebook, and retweets for Twitter, with plans to add link conversions and hides to a Klout-like offering.

Roost Chief Executive Officer Alex Chang said:

These results are telling for the small business community, and they provide direct guidance on how to achieve the highest level of engagement with their Facebook fans and Twitter followers. By breaking down which post types drive engagement, Roost helps local businesses get more impressions on their social efforts and get their messages out in the most effective way possible.

Facebook is inherently visual, so it follows that photos would ignite more activity here, while Twitter began as and largely remains text-driven, the home of the pithy sound bite, so it makes sense that quotes create the most engagement on that network.

Readers, what type of content do you like the most on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.