Report: 24% Of Social Gamers Have Insecure Friending Habits

A recent case study has revealed that social gamers’ tendency to add strangers as gamer friends is contributing to the growth in identity theft and spamming on social networks like Facebook. Specifically, when social gamers add strangers as friends and share their information, they are “exposing themselves to real and present danger of falling victim to fraud and ID theft” and also clicking on those strangers’ (possibly dangerous) posted links 24% of the time.

According to the report by BitDefender, the use of detailed profiles, shared groups and mutual acquaintances give more credibility to fake identities. Spammers and phishers create fake profiles and bots that send spam messages to gaming groups, saying things like “add me”. When other social gamers add the user, they then have the power to simulate a real Facebook profile, and use that in identity fraud.