Red Bull's Xbox Videos Garner 14-Minute Engagement Rate

Uses its roster of athletes to get brilliant results

Red Bull has been averaging 14 minutes of consumer engagement via Xbox Live video banners as part of the brand's current "World of Red Bull" campaign.

The effort debuted on the games platform in May and is running indefinitely, per a rep from BrightLine, which is helping the beverage firm with the interactive marketing play.

Various video banners have greeted Xbox Live players entering the platform’s online marketplace. But those selecting Red Bull's have been taken to a content hub, which focuses on 22 Red Bull-sponsored athletes such as Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner or Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. Viewers can watch full-screen, high-definition videos that tell the branded stories about how Red Bull boosts the athletes and consumers.

Per BrightLine, people have been staying tuned in for almost 15 minutes.

Carat, Red Bull's agency of record, helped lead the initiative. Xbox parent Microsoft has been pushing the game console's unusual digital advertising capabilities—such as being able to run interactive video spots on flat-screen TVs—for the last several months. And the Red Bull marketing team wants to see how long the brand can maintain its brilliant engagement run.

BrightLine founder Rob Aksman said the results "are testament to how consumers want to actively interact and engage with brands on their televisions."

Viewers also have been pitched with buying Red Bull's Art of Flight branded movie. Those behind the campaign would not reveal sales data but said it was the top seller of flicks available in the Xbox Zune Marketplace a few weeks ago.