Formspring Launches iPhone App For Its Personal Q-And-A Service

It is good to see Quora have some strong competition even though both services are not exactly alike.

Formspring launched its first iPhone app. The question and answer company has created a different angle from other similar sites like Quora, by focusing on questions and answers about personal topics specifically between friends.

In November 2009, Formspring was launched and has since grown rather fast. Today, the company generates 30 million monthly unique visitors with tens of millions of active members. The site is more carefree, relaxed and conversational than other services such as Quora. The users visit Formspring as way to quickly catch up with friends and, of course, ask questions. The questions are like icebreakers, so you can get to know your friends better. Quora has established itself as developing an answer on a topic of some type of public importance, while Formspring develops more personal questions, like “What would happen if apes took over the planet?”