Qriously Launches, Aims to Gather Real-Time Local Public Sentiment Using Mobile

Coming out of stealth Qriously shows us that questions can be more powerful than ads. Would you rather answer a question and how much of your answers should be tracked upon location?

This morning Qriously came out of stealth mode to reveal their new real-time location based public sentiment tool which is a fancy way of saying “instead of banner ads, answer a question.”

The logic behind Qriously is quite simple, when users are listening or doing something with their mobile devices traditional ads are replaced with something interactive like a question or mini-survey. The location of the user is tracked along with the answers provided which then makes for a powerful combo of information. Several apps are already using Qriously and they hope to grow into more “Qriously enables us to determine what millions of people think about something right now, at any given location” says Christopher Kahler, CEO and co-Founder.

Qriously is backed by Accel Partners who have also funded companies like Playfish, Groupon, Facebook and Etsy. With such a large backer behind a new way of mobile tracking, it should make users wonder: what is being tracked and how will this change how we purchase items in the future?