Twitter's New COO Talks User Growth, the NFL and the Company's NewFronts Debut

Plus, how the military and Wall Street helped prepare Anthony Noto for a job in tech

Adweek: How have your past roles in advertising, finance and the military shaped your approach to Twitter?
Anthony Noto: I think Twitter is the culmination of a series of experiences that have built the foundation of what’s required to be an executive at Twitter. I was in the military as a communications officer, where I first learned about asynchronous transfer mode, IP-based technology. From there, I went to Kraft as a brand manager, so I was on the advertiser side. I had to evaluate distribution channels like the internet, but also advertising vehicles like television and print and radio and outdoor as well as digital, and optimize for marketing mix and return on investment. After that I was on Wall Street, primarily [focusing on] the emergence of the internet as a commercial industry. Then I spent time at the NFL [as CFO] working with content partners, and then as a banker working with media and technology companies.

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