Publishing Stalwart Maria Rodale on the State of Magazines

And her pick for the ultimate Men’s Health cover

Going on six years as CEO of Rodale, the company her grandfather founded in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1930, Maria Rodale has strengthened the roots of the health and wellness publisher that's home to magazines like Men's Health, Prevention and Runner's World even as she has refashioned much of it in her own style. She shook up the ranks, worked to make the company's products more accessible to real consumers and pushed Rodale forward in the digital space, most notably with the launch of e-commerce site Rodale's, purveyor of everything from recycled glass lanterns to sage smudge sticks. Keeping her busy at the moment: the relaunch this April of 73-year-old Organic Gardening magazine as Rodale's Organic Life. We caught up with her recently in New York's Chelsea neighborhood to talk about the company's long-standing mission, what she'd like to see more of from the feds—and that dream magazine cover.