Police Block Facebook Cocktail Party In Paris

Cocktail-drinking party-goers have been showing their Facebook love in a series of jovial Facebook events-turned-outdoor-celebrations in France over the past few months. These events have been organized over a series of Facebook groups, and an event in Nante, France reached over 10,000 revelers earlier this month. However, a massive police presence prevented the latest attempt to bring together Facebook fans in Champs de Mars from being the aimed-for largest event yet, in part due to a recent party-related death.

Beginning last August with a call for an apéro géant, or giant cocktail party, on a local social network, these France-based Facebook parties have become unofficially condoned public gatherings. According to the Globe and Mail, a November apéro géant saw 3,000 people come out with picnic baskets and champagne. The party got bigger late March with over 4,000 participants and quite a few found unconscious by the end of the night. As of the end of May, there have been 56 such cocktail parties around France.