Picking the Best Platform for Your Influencer Campaign

What marketers need to know beyond Instagram

The Instagram, TikTok and Twitter logos
Though many think of YouTube and Instagram as the only options, Twitter and TikTok are giving the former a quite literal run for their money. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter

Marketers have always chased eyeballs. Now, they’re chasing influencers across the far corners of the internet. Better to fish where the fish are than to cast a line into the void. And where these fish are—the social platforms—marketers are finding that the water is welcoming if they understand how influencers treat each platform.

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@swodinsky shoshana.wodinsky@adweek.com Shoshana Wodinsky is Adweek's platforms reporter, where she covers the financial and societal impacts of major social networks. She was previously a tech reporter for The Verge and NBC News.