Report: Internet Is Increasingly The Source For News

A new Pew Internet report suggests that newspapers and radio are falling behind TV and the Internet as sources of news. The report, subtitled “How Internet and cell phone users have turned news into a social experience,” shows that over 60% of Americans are getting a portion of their news online. Only 50-54% get their news from a local newspaper or the radio. However, over 90% use multiple sources — as many as “four to six media platforms” — for their news.

Local (78%) and national (73%) TV news are the top sources, with the Internet in third place. While this might be good news for online news publishers, at least 65% of survey respondents said they have no “single favorite website” as an online news source. The report goes into several other statistics about news consumption habits, including mobile news access (“33% of cell phone users”), personalization (28% have set a browser home page for getting news), and participation (“37% of Internet users have contributed to the creation of news”).