PayPal Makes Online Fundraising a Social Experience with FundRazr

Paypal is making it easier to donate money to your friends and family on social networks. From raising money for a child’s soccer team to gathering donations to support a loved one’s surgery, this new service, called Fundrazr, makes it easy to to make relatively small donations directly on your Facebook wall. This easy one-click solution is right on the heels of similar products to come out, most notably the donation tool Flattr. Whether these services will compete or be able to carve out their own niches is yet to be seen.

Announced on the Paypal blog earlier this week, Fundrazr is designed to leverage individual’s social networks to allow them to raise money for their personal causes. The beauty of Fundrazr is that it can be added directly to your news feed item on Facebook, allowing friends and family to donate from the front page.