Pandora Is Teaming With Foursquare to Show Its Advertisers Whether Their Campaigns Drive Offline Sales

Subway and Mohegan Sun are using the service

Brands can now get foot-traffic data on their Pandora ads. Getty Images
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Thanks to a partnership being announced today with Foursquare, Pandora advertisers can now get data about whether their campaigns drive foot traffic. Sandwich chain Subway and Connecticut casino Mohegan Sun are currently testing whether the music-streaming service’s mix of audio, video and display ads drive brick-and-mortar patronage.

“[We are] helping advertisers understand throughout the purchase funnel by vertical if their advertising is working,” said Keri Degroote, vp of research and analytics at Pandora. “This is just one example of how we are helping [fast-food] and retail categories drive in-store purchases.”

To do so, Degroote’s team will utilize stats from Foursquare’s 17-month-old Attribution by Foursquare service, which offers advertisers data such as store visits, incremental foot traffic, campaign lift, return-on-advertising stats and reach numbers as they pertain to impressions and devices. The system also entails audience insights like geography, age, gender and customer loyalty.

Attribution by Foursquare leans on a voluntary, nonincentivized panel of 2.5 million Foursquare users who have agreed to leave their location-sharing feature on at all times, meaning Foursquare knows every store they visit, even if they don’t open the app or the company’s sister app Swarm. The panel also takes Swarm check-ins and U.S. Census demographics into consideration.

It’s not the first location data partnership Pandora has struck. It started teaming with Placed a few years ago and has worked with other mobile stats firms. The Oakland, Calif.-based company’s large brand clients want to know whether digital ads drive more than just ecommerce sales.

Degroote said her team is “excited to partner directly with Foursquare for their unique first-party location data, which leverages both passive—GPS signals, Wi-Fi, cellular data, Bluetooth, etc.—and explicit check-in data, [including] direct user check-ins on Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm apps, to double-verify an actual check-in has occurred.”

Degroote continued: “Approximately 30 percent of our advertisers run location analytic campaigns, and [nearly] 43 percent of those are retail brands. Since we started working with Foursquare, we have already allowed 20-plus advertisers to run a combined 1 billion impressions while measuring foot-traffic lift.”

Mobile tracking companies are increasingly popular among marketers. Foursquare and Placed’s competitors include names like GroundTruth (formerly xAd), PlaceIQ, Skyhook and Gravy Analytics.

Meanwhile, Attribution by Foursquare seems to be gaining steam. Peter Krasniqi, vp of global sales strategy and operations at Foursquare, said the service’s second-quarter revenue was up more than 250 percent year over year.

“And we are now working with over 125 certified platforms and brands, publishers, agencies, and programmatic partners,” Krasniqi said.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.