How To Prepare For The Second Facebook Username Land Rush

Tonight Facebook will be opening up usernames to Facebook Pages that have between 100 and 1,000 fans. According to our page statistics tracker that accounts for over 429,000 pages or just over 30 percent of all Facebook Pages. This presents a huge opportunity for those businesses that don’t currently have as large of a following. Page administrators will be able to claim their usernames after 11:59 PM EDT tonight.

Facebook has been making adjustments on the limitation of the number of fans up until the last minute. As of yesterday, those pages with 25 or more fans could register but today Facebook increased that limit to 100 fans. This has removed over 401,000 Pages that were previously going to be eligible for receiving a username this evening. This restriction is understandable as Facebook wants to prevent any squatters from creating numerous pages and quickly inviting enough users that they can grab usernames.