Facebook Page Admins Get New Video Tools

Facebook page administrators will soon have access to two new tools for publishing videos.

Facebook page administrators will soon have access to two new tools for publishing videos.

Product manager Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza announced in a Facebook Media blog post that the social network will roll out improved video-upload tools and a new video library “over the coming weeks.”

The new video-upload tools give page admins more customized distribution options for their videos, as well as access to new features, while the video library gives them more control over their video assets.

Gomez-Ortigoza shared more details about the new upload tools in the blog post:

With today’s update, we’ve redesigned the upload process and added several new features currently available in the Facebook video application-programming interface, which we announced at F8. We’ve also introduced a suite of new distribution options, like secret videos and the ability to prohibit embeds on third-party sites.

Secret videos give page owners the ability to upload videos that are accessible only via a direct URL, but which are not searchable for people on Facebook. This is useful for publishers who want to host videos on Facebook, embed them on third-party sites or share them with anyone who has the URL, without posting them anywhere else on Facebook.

She added that page admins will be able to:

  • Restrict the audience of a video by age and gender (in addition to location and language, which are already available).
  • Set an expiration date for a video and retain its insights, even after the video has been removed.
  • Publish video directly to the videos tab for your page, without distributing to News Feed or Timeline.
  • Allow or prohibit video embeds on third-party sites.
  • Add custom thumbnails for videos, using your own image or a suggested thumbnail.
  • Label videos based on interest categories, including entertainment, news and more.


She also discussed the new video library for page admins:

While the videos tab in page insights announced last month helps page owners understand the overall performance of their videos, the video library provides an easy way to manage an entire library of videos. Changes can be made on a per-video basis, or in bulk. Page admins can access the new video library through the publishing tools tab on their page.

Finally, she detailed the options available to page admins with the new video library:

  • Edit a video’s metadata after upload, including adding subtitles or changing the video thumbnail.
  • Manage distribution options for videos, including prohibiting third-party embeds, publishing to News Feed and more.
  • Search and filter videos by title, description and more.
  • View and manage secret videos.


Page admins: What are your initial thoughts?

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.