Optical Illusions Challenge Does All it Can to Mess With Your Head

The human mind is fascinating – on any given day, the average person uses only 10% of its capacity. However, with so much complexity and so much potential, how is it that this phenomenal processing device can be so easily fooled?

Optical Illusions Challenge by Fendoo on Facebook is a quiz that does everything it can to mess with your head. Perhaps it isn’t the brain that is easily confused, but rather the senses that cannot be trusted as they are what is lying to the brain. As cliche as it may sound, “your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them” (Star Wars). It’s true though, and Optical Illusions utilizes some of those most classic ways to confuse the eye’s perception of reality.

When you play the game, you are presented with an optical illusion and a question about that illusion. Some ask you about colors, others are about letters, and others about shapes. Furthermore, when you start the quiz, you are asked to invite a few friends in which to compare scores with.

Unfortunately, as interesting as the optical illusions are, the quiz is relatively short and there isn’t anything beyond it. Furthermore, the quiz develops a pattern as you progress through it. Usually, when designing any multiple choice quiz, you generally want to have at least one completely wrong answer, one partially correct/partially wrong answer, a right answer, and an answer that only looks right.

The multiple choice answers in Optical Illusions don’t really make those answers close enough to really warrant extensive thought once you discover the pattern. For those wondering, this pattern is that the seemingly wrong answer is almost always the right answer. You begin to learn that your eyes are tricking you, and thus what would look like an obvious wrong answer is the actual right answer through simple logic, thus defeating the entire purpose of the quiz.

For what it is, Optical Illusions Challenge is entertaining for a few minutes, but it offers little beyond that. The addition of comparing scores to friends is nice, but you can easily “fake” your actual score without even looking at the images sometimes. Nevertheless, the images are quite interesting to check out, if nothing else!

Currently, Optical Illusions Challenge sports over 400,000 monthly active users on Facebook.