NY Post Coming to Chicago

You're welcome?

NY_NYPStarting next Monday, the New York Post will be sold in Chicago. The cover price will be $2 and it will be the exact same version as the Post here.

“The rumors are indeed true,” Post publisher Jesse Angelo said, in a  statement. “As of next week, The New York Post is coming to Chicago. We wanted the great people of Chicago to have just a little more fun and a little more NYC in their daily media diet.”

Unfortunately for Angelo, windy city residents don’t exactly want “a little more NYC in their daily media diet.” Chicago magazine elaborated:

Although the Post was once best known for its classic ‘Headless Body in Topless Bar’ front page, it has lately made headlines by making headlines such as ‘Enjoy a Foot Long in Jail’ (for onetime Subway pitch man Jared Fogle) and ‘Obama Beats Weiner.’ There have also been bizarre campaigns to publicly humiliate New York’s homeless, not to mention fingering the wrong men for the Boston Marathon bombing. Oops!

Would Chicago benefit from another newspaper? Absolutely. Could a paper from New York City meet a need currently unsatisfied by the Tribune and Sun-Times? Probably, sure! Should it be the Post? Please, please, no.