Nokia Comes With Music Off to a Slow Start in the UK

It is tough to compete with perfection. In fact, it is even tough to compete with an imperfect but simple to use iTunes Store. Nokia is trying to compete with a subscription model DRM-ed Comes With Music mobile service. Unfortunately, according to the BBC News…

Slow start for Nokia’s music plan

There were a number of other online music stores before the iTunes Store hit the mark with consumers. Even Amazon’s MP3 store (which I’ve been buying most of my digital music purchases from for the past year) has not dented the iTunes Store’s market share despite offering DRM-free 256Kbit music way before Apple did.

Someday someone will figure out how to make subscription music attractive to and successful with consumers. But, Nokia’s Comes With Music (or Microsoft’s ZunePass for that matter) does not look like the model changer.