No One Wants to Watch Your Video

The truth hurts.

shutterstock_236187292-1According to Ad Age, a Google report found that almost half—46 percent—of video ads are never viewed. That’s bad news for some media companies, who have pinned at least part of their hopes on the rise of online video.

If no one is watching video ads, advertisers will turn skittish. If that happens, those media companies will likely suffer.

We’ve always been skeptical of the supposed video boom. The fact is that rarely have we ever wanted to watch something that could be explained with text. And if that video is more than two minutes long? Forget it. Not a chance in hell we sit through it.

We should note that Google’s study also revealed that video ads on YouTube—which, hey, coincidentally, Google owns—are pretty much always seen. Google says YouTube video ads are viewed an astonishing 91 percent of the time.

In other words, take these findings with a grain of salt.