Nikki Finke Raises the Curtain on Fiction


The first thing that jumps out on Nikki Finke’s new short stories portal Hollywood Dementia are the pop art illustrations. For the tease of super-attorney Bert Fields’ “Studio Story,” there’s a back-of-the-limo look at Jake Simon, a studio boss, drawn by Thomas Warming. And for Finke’s “Dying on a Bed of Nails,” about some contentious Mendelson Management office politics, the art below, also by Warming.

For now, each story is being offered for the low introductory price of one dollar. Eventually, the per-item scale will be $1 for a day, $2 for a week and $3 forever. There really is only one golden rule for contributors: no pseudonyms. In other words, anyone in Hollywood or New York – where most entries have come from – with a good story to tell, must do so under their real name. From Finke’s first story:

There was the time a female manager was considering a role as a hooker for a young actress when a deal sticking point became the nudity clause.

“She doesn’t want to do any nudity,” the manager told a partner, her client at her side listening to the conversation.

“But it’s a hooker,” he pointed out.

“I don’t care if it’s a hooker,” she replied. “She won’t do nudity.”

“Baby, let me tell you,” the partner said in his best pimp voice, turning to address the teenager. “If my wife had your body, she’d be shopping nude in Gelson’s. What’s a little beaver now and then?”

Other launch-day contributors include Antonia Bogdanovich (“Vanilla Shake”), the daughter of famed director Peter, and Emmy winning writer-producer Peter Lefcourt (“Damage Control”).
[Illustration, used with permission]

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.