Nextdoor’s Redesigned Logo Provides a Welcoming Wave

The neighborhood social network designated September as Neighbor Month

The 'bright, spring green' is meant to express a warm welcome Nextdoor

Neighborhood social network Nextdoor is waving to its users via its redesigned logo.

Nextdoor said it incorporated a wave over the N in the logo as a “universal gesture of connection,” as well as “a warm welcome to all and a reminder that when we reach out to connect with those nearby, the possibilities are endless.”

The company added that the “bright, spring green” is meant to express a warm welcome, and the letterforms represent the building blocks of a neighborhood.

Nextdoor also designated September as Neighbor Month, and it will present a series of conversations about the future of neighborhoods and how gestures that start small can result in big changes.

Head of marketing Maryam Banikarim said in a statement, “Nextdoor was built to bring neighbors together, spark real-world connections and ultimately build stronger communities—which we need now more than ever. Our new look was inspired by our neighbors and reflects the warm, vibrant, inclusive actions we see in neighborhoods every day. It starts with a wave—a simple, universal gesture that can cause a chain reaction of kindness.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.