Newsy Officially Announces Partnership With MSN

Company cranks out 20 clips a day for the portal

Newsy, a fledgling mobile and online video news organization, officially announced a partnership with MSN on Tuesday. But the companies have actually been working together since early this year, said Newsy President Jim Spencer.

"We're really proud to have a prestige brand like Microsoft and MSN News as a partner," Spencer said. "It's just a great relationship all the way around."

Once the MSN partnership was formalized, Newsy ramped up production, Spencer said, increasing its output by a couple hundred videos per month. Newsy currently produces about 20 videos a day for MSN, according to Spencer.

The Newsy team, which consists of 35 full-time and 33 part-time employees, works closely with MSN, Spencer added, coordinating on everything from story suggestions to script approval. The companies have signed on to a two-year partnership, but "both parties seem very satisfied with the editorial quality," Spencer continued.

In addition to MSN, AOL/HuffPost, National Journal and Mashable are Newsy partners. The company produces about 2,000 total videos each month. And Newsy's audience has grown "exponentially" since the MSN deal, Spencer said.

The company has been around for about six years, but the demand for Web and mobile video has finally materialized, Spencer said, describing the advertiser interest as "insatiable." Indeed, mobile and Web video appear to be enjoying a moment in the spotlight. Last month, we told you about video startup NowThis News, which has attracted some high-profile support.

Newsy is financially supported by its various partnerships, ads on its apps and angel investment, Spencer said. Since launching, the site has raised $5.5 million in angel investment.