New Features for Holiday Influencer Marketing on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook

The holiday season is one of the busiest times for brands who are competing for shopper recognition and sales. Shoppers are faced with countless advertisements on TV, in magazines and on the increasingly preferred platform — online. Consumers are drawn to online shopping since the items they want or see on social media are just a click away from being delivered right to their door. In fact, digital sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year showed significant increases from the year before, hitting $3.45 billion on Friday and $3.39 billion on Monday.
Social media is contributing to the online shopping boom and impacting consumer decisions. Studies from Deloitte have revealed that about 47 percent of millennials claim their purchase decisions are influenced by social media.
So how can brands best leverage consumer dependency on these social platforms to boost sales and product awareness this holiday season? Influencers. Approximately 49 percent of consumers claim they rely on recommendations from influencers when deciding what products to purchase, and brands are now very much aware of the value this provides to marketing campaigns.
Consumers are locked in and engaged with holiday marketing campaigns that feature influencers. For example, last year there was a 3.4-times increase in influencer campaigns tagged with #BlackFriday compared to the year before and on these posts there was a 22 percent average increase in comments and a 200 percent increase in likes when compared to 2015. These consumers are keeping an eye out for the influencers’ holiday shopping recommendations — creating a valuable tool for brands looking to sell products.
During the holidays, brands need to be able to reach those engaged customers so they can transform interest into purchases. New influencer-friendly social media features are making it easier than ever to engage with consumers. Here are some new features brands should consider with their holiday influencer marketing strategies this season: