Mullen Makes Mouths Water, Eyes Widen with Mesmerizing Yogurt Commercial

The most innovative thing to happen to yogurt advertising in recent years has involved celebrity-deployed euphemisms for “regulating your digestive system”—until now. Greek yogurt maker FAGE (prounced “fa-yeh”) tapped Boston-based Mullen to create its first television advertisements in North America. The lead spot (below), which debuted last week, is pegged to Fage’s foray into non-fat flavored yogurts (think Mango Guanabana and Blueberry Acai). Mullen collaborated with Psyop to develop this poetic and painterly 48 seconds, awash in slow-moving liquids that are reminiscent of some recent and similarly hypnotic video works by artist James Nares—with the addition of a whimsical bit of verse, a cow, a Grecian goddess type, and a voice-over by Willem Dafoe. It’s anything but plain.