More Magazine Wraps Things Up With Megyn Kelly on the Cover

Photos by Peter Hapak; words by Allison Glock; styling by Santa Bevacqua.

The final edition of More magazine will arrive on newsstands March 22. On the cover, a Fox News personality framed with the cover line description ‘America’s Most Beautiful Badass.’

The cover photo, by veteran photographer Peter Hapak, is elegant and powerful. Inside, there are several more striking shots of Kelly, taken in front of a solid black background. In the accompanying feature article by Allison Glock, which starts off from the place-and-time vantage point of Kelly’s dressing room backstage at the Iowa GOP debate, Kelly at one point cites an interesting role model:

She recalls The Kelly File debut and how she insisted on launching the show with a dance party. Fifteen minutes to air, Kelly took her iPod to the set, cued the music and announced, “We’re doing this!”

“It started off awkward,” she admits, “but by the time we were done, people were into it!” The whole crew, Kelly included, got down to throwback INXS. “It’s not that I’m a ‘Let’s hug and be joyful all the time’ boss,” Kelly says. “Or that I don’t, quote, ‘own my own power.’ I just never want to be that big, swingin’, rule-by-fear person. I think the most effective managers in the world have a team that wants to jump through brick walls for them.”

“I admire those women who really knew who they were and didn’t apologize for it,” she continues, leaning forward in her chair. “Katharine Hepburn? She was ahead of her time.”

Kelly goes on in the article to talk about her upbringing in Albany and Syracuse. She also allowed Glock to come hang out at one of her family’s pizza nights. More highlights from the April issue cover story can be read here. Kudos as well to Santa Bevacqua for the tasteful styling work executed here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.