How To Monitor Your Employees' Facebook Use

Want to spy on your employees and monitor how much time they’re spending on Facebook? Social Sentry is a new solution to help you accomplish just that. This Saas (Software as a Service), no-install web-based tool monitors employees’ conversations on a number of social networks including Facebook. Social Sentry supposedly works even if employees use alias profiles.

The fact is, people say all kinds of stupid things in real life, both at work and elsewhere. Social media just makes it easier to spread such conversations, and there’s no shortage of stories of people being fired over their indiscretions. One European City Council member was even voted off for continuing to play FarmVille, despite warnings. While the latter might not be harmful to an organization’s brand or financial state, conversations that reveal too much could be harmful. People are losing their jobs or being suspended, either because of photos or conversations posted to Facebook. If employees start to reveal sensitive information, then there’s the potential for real damage, not to mention sparking issues of compliance for publicly-owned companies.