Mobile VoIP Users To Reach 139 Million By 2014, Thanks To Social Media

In-Stats a market research firm expects that mobile VoIP users will grow to nearly 139 million by 2014, thanks to the need of social media services to have a VoIP component for voice or video communication. This has resulted in a catch 22 situation for mobile operators, who are falling hand over fist over competitors in order to launch location and social media services in order to gain new subscribers. But in order to provide these social services they would also have to enable VoIP features, a road that they have resisted travelling for so long as it had the potential to eat away the traditional revenue base of mobile operators i.e. revenues from mobile cellular calls.

It has been five years since mobile VoIP services were first introduced as an alternative for making cheap international calls. Mobile VoIP services faced stiff resistance from mobile operators, who saw their profits eroding as a result of VoIP usage. Now with the explosion of social media, VoIP technology is becoming an integrated component of social media services being offered on mobile devices.