Mobile Game Roundup: Wakfu Raiders, Rotatio and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? As usual, mobile app stores have been updated with new games from developers large and small this week, offering something for everyone. To start, GameResort released Stupid Zombies 3, a level-based shooting puzzle game challenging players to kill zombies of specific colors in each stage.

Next, D3 Go! and Cartoon Network launched the match-three puzzle battle game Adventure Time Puzzle Quest, and Amazon Game Studios and HotGen released the puzzle platforming title To-Fu Fury, starring a brave block of tofu. Finally, Outfit7 Limited, the company behind the popular Talking Tom and Friends franchise, branched out with Mars Pop, a competitive multiplayer bubble shooter.

Looking for something different to try? Here’s a look at some other games released this week.

Wakfu Raiders (Free on iOS, Android) – From gumi and Ankama, Wakfu Raiders is an RPG challenging players to collect warriors and complete level-based missions as they investigate the appearance of ‘anomalies’ around the World of Twelve. As players head into battle, they can strategize their team’s layout, with heroes gaining different bonuses based on their positions on the field (front row, middle or back). During battle, heroes will attack automatically, leaving players to activate their special skills or trigger team attacks using multiple fighters. As fighters attack or take damage, they earn mana, which can be used to activate their special skills. As players complete battles, they receive collectibles used to enhance their heroes over time.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition (Free on iPad, Android tablets) – From Pinkerton Road Studio and Phoenix Online Studios, Jane Jensen’s remake of the 1993 Sierra title was first released on PC and Mac in 2014. In the game, players meet struggling author Gabriel Knight, who must investigate a series of killings in New Orleans, while discovering their connection to the world of voodoo. The remake offers new puzzles, scenes and updated graphics, with Day 1 of the adventure game available as a free download. The rest of the game’s content can be unlocked via in-app purchase: Days 2-3 for $2.99, Days 4-6 for $3.99 and Days 7-10 for $3.99.

Top Speed (Free on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone) – A drag racing game from T-Bull, Top Speed places players in the role of an underground street racer. Players can customize and upgrade almost 70 cars, and race in five different city districts, as well as an aircraft carrier. The game offers seven different race modes, including daily races, ranked races, boss battles and more (the game offers 20 bosses at launch). In each race, players concentrate on shifting when their meter reaches a green zone, and gamers can activate nitrous for an extra speed boost.

Run The Joint (Free on iOS) – A side-scrolling platformer from Naked Penguin Boy, Run The Joint challenges players to escape prison as both the prisoner and his attached ball and chain. In each level, both characters bounce across the screen automatically, and gamers tap on the right and left sides of the screen to cause the prisoner and the ball to jump, either simultaneously or one at a time. Levels become more challenging over time, and are filled with coins and collectible ice cream bars. As each level is filled with different layers of platforms (which contain these collectibles), players can strategically ‘separate’ their two characters, with one character on the upper layer of platforms, and the other below. If one character falls off of a platform, or hits an obstacle in the path, users can spend coins to revive their heroes and continue running. Players can also spend their coins on mystery crates potentially containing bonus coins or new playable characters, with these characters also available for direct in-app purchase using real money.

Forsaken World Mobile (Free on iOS, Android) – An MMORPG from Fedeen Games, Forsaken World Mobile allows players to choose from five playable classes: warrior, assassin, kindred, mage or cleric. Once players have created their character, they’ll travel through the world completing quests and defeating enemies (including bosses). Gamers can team up with friends to complete dungeons, or battle others in player-vs-player combat. As players progress, they’ll receive new gear for their hero and can unlock a mount for traveling around the world, among other features.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements (Free on Android) – Following the game’s release on iOS, Tequila Games has released this card battle game on Google Play. During battle, players must take each card’s elemental affinity into account, which causes each card to relate to others in a ‘rock, papers, scissors’ mechanic. Cards also contain risk numbers, and during head-to-head confrontations between cards, the losing player loses health points in relation to these risk numbers. Players can compete in single-player matches, as well as in player-vs-player leagues, tournaments and casual matches, with support for cross-platform gameplay. New cards will be added to the game on a regular basis going forward.

Piloteer ($2.99 on Android) – Following the game’s release on iOS, this physics-based game from Fixpoint Productions has released on Google Play. The game is based on learning to fly a jetpack, and sees players completing missions by performing stunts in the air, or safety landing on specific objects in the environment, as examples. The game offers career and free fly modes, and three environments to explore. Players can share replays of their flights to Facebook or Twitter, as well as through email.

We R Football

We R Football (Free on iOS, Android) – This first-person soccer game from Inspired allows players to take their own shots on the field by flicking the screen to aim at a particular part of the goal, with each athlete’s individual skill level affecting the accuracy of the shot. Before each multiplayer match, players can assign specific team members to positions on the field, with most of each actual match taking place automatically in a fast-forward fashion. When the player’s team has a shot at a goal, the game slows down and moves into the first-person view to give players a chance to earn their own points. Gamers earn coins while playing, which can be spent to heal team members between matches. Players can also spend coins to recruit new players in the market.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf (Free on Android) – Following the game’s release on iOS last fall, this card and turn-based strategy title from HeroCraft has released on Google Play. The game sees players spending action points and using cards on each turn as they move around environments to defeat their opponents in either campaign mode or player-vs-player battles. Since gameplay is based on a card system, this allows players to customize their deck based on their expected strategy and tactics in each match. Until July 31, players can enter promo code “GOOGLE40KPLAY” in the game’s shop to receive three free rare cards.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX ($4.99 on iOS, Android) – From Bandai Namco Entertainment America, this installment in the Pac-Man franchise was previously released on console. In this mobile version, players’ reflexes will be tested across five different game modes, 10 zone layouts and 132 stages.

Rotatio (Free on iOS) – From Tapinator, Rotatio is an endless survival game, challenging players to tap and hold on the screen to move an orb back and forth on a rotating line. The goal is to move the orb between gates without hitting either side, but this is easier said than done, as the line is rotating and the orb is constantly moving based on taps on the screen. Players can track their high score via Game Center integration, or share their scores out to Facebook and Twitter.